Pharmacy Debt Consolidation Loan

Considering an Pharmacy Debt Consolidation Loan?

At 1st Med Financial, we understand the continual need for increased cash flow and working capital and what that can mean to the ultimate success or your pharmacy. With current interest rates at all time lows, your practice may be a prime candidate for a pharmacy debt consolidation loan.

We've been helping numerous pharmacists refinance and consolidate their pharmacy & real estate debt at lower interest rates leading to increased monthly cash flow. We have also seen many of our clients take advantage of the lower interest rates and accelerate their debt reduction resulting in a debt free pharmacy.

At 1st Med, we have multiple pharmacy debt consolidation loan options.

Pharmacy Debt Consolidation Loan Highlights

Conventional Practice & SBA Programs Available

Low Fixed Rate Terms Available

Include New Equipment / Software / Working Capital

Refinance Dental Practice Debt To A Lower Rate

Take Advantage of Lower Interest Rates To Accelerate Payoff

Consolidate Debt And Acquire Real Estate

A Pharmacy Debt Consolidation Loan may just be what you've been looking for. Our years of experience in practice valuation and assessment offers our clients the most aggressive pharmacy debt consolidation loans in the marketplace.

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What Our Customers Say

  • There is no way that we could have secured a loan without Mike and 1st Med Financial. Mike is dedicated, thorough, and returns phone calls promptly. Throughout the lending process, he consistently called to update us on the status of our loan. He truly stands out in the lending world. We highly recommend Mike and 1st Med Financial. Thank you for caring so much about the success of our business."